Short Courses

DNAbiotec® was founded by scientists in 2001. At the time, we had no direct business experience but we did have a solid science background. We learned over the next decade exactly how we needed to perform our science, including in a highly effective manner to stay competitive. Moreover we climbed an enormously steep learning curve with regard to business, innovation, productisation, IP management and other aspects.

We realised that other scientists who either wanted to start their own businesses, or just wanted to work more effectively, would have to “rediscover the wheel” to perhaps learn what we have already learned. This is unnecessary and not SMART for the sector, country or the individual scientist.

We decided to share our experience and developed the Essential Series of Short Courses™ as such a tool. We have packed our experience of more than a decade into these courses in order to allow others to start further up on the learning curve than where we had to start. Generating an income from our courses allows us to develop further courses and plough money into our own research efforts.

DNAbiotec® presents the Essential Series of biotechnology short courses to address key biotechnology skills and how to use the technologies in the field. The hands-on approach adopted by the Essential Series not only provides delegates with valuable knowledge, but also empowers them with practical skills by transferring the concepts mastered during the theoretical sessions, to practical sessions in the laboratory.

The Essential Short courses offered are listed below:

Please note that we present the SCIENCE portfolio only to scientists.

SCIENCE Portfolio 

BUSINESS Portfolio

FORENSIC Portfolio

Delegates receive detailed course material at the beginning of each course, which is normally suitable as comprehensive reference material. The number of delegates for each course is limited.

Upfront payment of course fees is required. Registration will be acknowledged via e-mail or fax upon receipt of proof of payment. Single day registrations in multi-day courses are not available, as each course is presented as a single unit.

Cancellation terms

  1. Non-payment or non-attendance does not constitute cancellation. Only written cancellations are accepted.
  2. A cancellation fee equivalent to 50% of the course fee will be applicable to cancellations by delegates less than 14 (fourteen) days prior to the start of the course. Substitute delegates are however accepted. An administration fee of 10% of the total fee is payable if the substitution is made between 14 days and the date of the course. Substitute delegates will be accepted if the registration fee has been paid in full.
  3. A cancellation fee equivalent to 100% of the course fee will be applicable to enrolled delegates who do not show up for the course. Substitute delegates will be accepted.
  4. Only written cancellations are accepted. Please fax your cancellation to: 086 542 1588.
  5. DNAbiotec® reserves the right to cancel a particular course if insufficient entries have been received. Should this happen, delegates will be notified in advance, reimbursed in full, or given preferential placing on the next course.

International delegates are to arrange payment in advance with DNAbiotec® as all fees are required to be paid one month prior to the start of the course.  Failure to do so will automatically result in the delegate forfeiting her/his reservation on the course and incurring the cancellation fee.

CPD and Attendance Certificates

Each of our short courses qualify for Continued Professional Development (CPD) points. Delegates must provide their HPCSA registration numbers on the registration form, and CPD certificates will be issued for all the sessions attended during the course. Upon completion of the course each delegate will receive a certificate of attendance for the course.

The course will be presented in English. Delegates are however welcome to pose questions and address issues in both Afrikaans and English.

About the presenters

The Essential Short Course Series™ is presented by the senior scientists in DNAbiotec®. Click on these hyperlinks to view short biographical summaries for Dr Antonel Olckers and Dr Annelize van der Merwe.

International Delegates

Prices for international delegates include an additional administrative fee per delegate per course. Please contact us for further details.