Essential Grant Writing

The Essential Grant Writing course is part of the Essential Short Course Series™ and is held over a period of two days.

The course focuses on the essentials of writing grants that are professional and competitive. It will provide the necessary background to highlight the important aspects of applying for funding for a research or other project. The essentials of effective planning, writing, researching, submission, approval and management of the grants/proposals will be discussed. This course will assists both students and supervisors on the principles of grant writing. Case studies are discussed to highlight the pitfalls with grant writing. In this course both grants (academic) and other proposals (non-academic) are covered, making it the ideal course for anyone who wants to learn how to write effective proposal

The course was custom designed for individuals working in the science and business environments. The following individuals are recommended to attend:

  1. Supervisors and post-graduate students and interns want to write successful grants.
  2. Scientists who need to submit a proposal for funding, other than a grant.
  3. Business professionals who need to write proposals with impact.

Course Programme

Introduction to grant writing

  • The lifecycle of a grant proposal

How to identify the potential funders

  • How to search for potential funders

Planning to write the grant application

  • Roles and responsibilities
  • The project outline
  • Writing style
  • Timeline

Writing the grant application

  • The writing voice
  • Understanding the key components of a grant application
  • The project budget

Submitting the grant application

  • Packaging of the application
  • Delivery of the proposal
  • Golden rules for submitting grant application

The grant review process

  • Principles of peer review
  • Criteria for grant review
  • Reviewers

The post-award process

  • Receiving the outcome of the grant application
  • Types of reports to be submitted

This is a preliminary programme, and the sequence may change.

Comments of previous delegates on our Essential Grant Writing™ short courses:

“This was a very good course, I never had this knowledge before and I wasn’t sure where to get it. This was an investment for me and will make life a lot easier, thank you very much.”

“The short course of this nature should form part of the university curriculum.”

“The course was very helpful, thank you very much, soon I will be writing a successful grant proposal, thank you.”

“The short course was an eye opener, it will enhance my skills in grant proposal writing.”

“Essential grant writing skills was very helpful to me, thanks to DNAbiotec for this amazing information.”

“This was an eye opener and very enriching course thank you.”