Dr Annelize van der Merwe

Dr Annelize van der Merwe obtained her PhD degree in molecular human genetics at the North-West University (Potchefstroom Campus) in 2003 and started her career in DNAbiotec® in 2004 as a research scientist. She has mentored 18 post-graduate students, 5 students/interns from Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) enrolled for the National Diploma in Biotechnology as well as an intern from the Technology Innovation Agency (TIA). She has won numerous awards including an international award from Integrated DNA Technologies Inc. (IDT), the industry leader in the manufacturing of custom oligo products, to train at their genotyping facility in the USA. She was selected as one of three international delegates for training that year.

Dr van der Merwe has held many successful grants and has mentored other post-graduate students to manage their projects effectively. In her current position as Senior Researcher in DNAbiotec® she still acts as external examiner for postgraduate theses and has a long history of human capacity development in academia. Dr van der Merwe has over a decade of experience in short course training. She is highly respected in her field of science because of her ability to solve science related problems.

Her troubleshooting skills are legendary. Her passion and goal is to help other people through training so that they are empowered and equipped to further their own careers and in turn also empower other individuals. She believes that each training event should be an unforgettable experience that makes a difference in the life of the delegate.