About Us

DNAbiotec® is a mechanism to translate science results into products. DNAbiotec® has been highly successful in productising the skills, knowledge and research outputs of the DNAbiotec® Team for more than a decade. We think “product” and often ask the question: how do we productise this?

We have delivered products to clients in 44 countries to date, 24 countries in Africa.

The company has several physical assets, but none compare to our intellectual assets.

DNAbiotec® is an IP aware company and our IP mantra is:

  • Produce IP
  • Protect IP
  • Productise IP

As a small enterprise (SME) we play an important role in the economy. We translate intellectual capital to market capital. The process of translating IP to market capital is part of what we call the “Innovation Network”.

In DNAbiotec® the innovation network includes six main nodes, namely:

  • Concept / Idea
  • Research
  • Development
  • Productisation
  • Manufacturing
  • Commercialisation

We have been taking our products to market via these six nodes for more than a decade.